You are right now at this very instant engaging in the solution. Keep on reading. Do not stop no matter what. Talking is cheap. Reading is priceless. Pictures on the screen are fleeting and mesmerizing. Words in books are permanent and thought provoking.

Read about our history, our accomplishments, our triumphs and our failures. Read about the lives we live and the dreams we have, and the many issues that face us and the many things we are doing to overcome them.

Read what our children write. Read what our elders say. Read what others say about us and what we say about others. Read the books we write. Read the books others write. Read, read, read about everything under the sun, and beyond, about the stars and the galaxies and the universe and all the great and mighty and small and insignificant things that it contains.

Join with us on this site as we explore every single topic imaginable. Go to other sites and other sources. Open the doors to the libraries and the bookstores and pass through the portals to cyberspace and read the Wisdom of the Ages and the pages of the women, the men and the children alive and thinking and writing today. It is a glorious quest, one that each of us pilot as the undisputed captain of our ship. As you continue your epic journey please stop by and let us know what you have encountered and exchange ideas with us as we shatter every obstacle before us. Yes, read.

Read like your life depends on it!